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Tale no 0273
A snug fit

Kris Parker | 15 October, 2015

A new bit of learning: well fit stainless pipe crammed tightly into racks is damn sexy. The brewery is 80% of the way plummed now. We expect we’ll be at 95% by the end of…

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Tale no 0272
Fixin to Fix Her

Kris Parker | 18 September, 2015

This is Todd: Todd knows a lot about welding. He taught us about the three types of welding. The sanitary type – Tig welding… and the other two types, which are prone to splash metal…

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Tale no 0271
A Third Life

Kris Parker | 12 September, 2015

She’s here! It’s an honor to get a role in her third chapter. She is the only brew house for us. She is opportunity. Without her there is no Third Window. We are the amalgamation of every story…

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Tale no 0270
We built Third Window

Kris Parker | 24 August, 2015

When we started brewing beer in 2006 we developed perspective, our own beer ideas. We cultivated the dream of creating beer as a vocation. It’s amazing how different the dream is from the actual thing. When you’re…

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