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Birth Happens

Kris Parker | 12 July, 2016

It happened. Pretty sure we started a brewery. Holy shit.

In the last post, (180 days ago) – it seemed a good idea to post with greater frequency. More posts, fewer topics. A little more depth – we should definitely do that.

Between that post and this – everything happened. And you get so busy doing everything that you don’t have time to blog.

You do have time to take photo’s, (or obtain them,) and sorting through all the photo’s of the things you decided to document, a narrative can be obtained. In this case, the story is a brewery being born.

So one more, long, time lapse, blogpost; then on to the more frequent / greater depth thing.



The Lights


Jeremy Wells  @metalsmithe <— (It would be neat if that was clickable but it seems unlikely.)

At any rate: two of our oldest friends, (like friends since 6th grade old.): Jeremy Wells, (@metalsmithe) and Adam Wilson (Wilson’s barbershop) created pendant lighting that might be the most resonant, beautiful thing in the brewery. To see Jeremy’s work click on the link here: @metalsmithe, #facebookmetalsmith.com – #fuckitalltohel lgoogletheirnamestoseemore.

By the way, #’s are generally a waste of everyone’s time I have learned. Particularly when they are used incorrectly.


Child Labor



When starting a brewery you will spend all of your time there. Eventually, your family will either leave you, or come to visit at the brewery.IMG_4035 When they come to visit, put them to work – Because if you don’t, they’ll play games on your phone, and there’s all kinds of crazy shit on youtube. (Grace did eventually get the spent grain over the curb and out of the brewery.)








When you’re in labor with a brewery you will need lube. Lot’s of lube. Without it one could “gall” things. Galling is when things with thread get stuck together. So buy lube. Lot’s of it.









IMG_4174 IMG_4180





While on a trip to the orchid farm in Goleta to meet Daniel Kuttner, @danielkuttnerdesigns (<– metalink #fuckit,) we saw an orange tree with beautiful ripe oranges, growing near the ocean.

John, months ago, had expressed an interest in creating a beer that tasted like an Australian candy called a Jaffa (sp); to which Kris said, who would want a chocolate orange beer? (More on this later.)

We picked all of the oranges on the tree at the orchid farm, and the mandarins from our tree at the brewery. Friends brought us blood oranges.IMG_4187

The kids picked a a few lemons, grapefruits, anything that looked remotely citrus. Citrus is citrus to kids. It’s a pretty solid sample of ripe citrus around town.

As everyone knows; upon meeting a person from a “Queen as head of state” country, it is polite to ask said person about a controversial movie created in their country of origin. Should this person be a powerful force toward the creation of a Brewery, and they suggest a chocolate orange beer, the beer should be named after the aforementioned movie:



The cocoa nib in walkabout came from our friend and soon to be neighbor Mike Orlando. His bean to bar chocolate company is called 24 Blackbirds. His chocolate is a revelation. #24blackbirdschocolate (hyperlink.com #iknowhowtousegoogle)

@Macfitness, (<— supertext,(a successful gym),)  will now be surrounded by chocolate, bbq, beer, and wine. We should start a “flavor fan” package with @macfitness where gym members can earn credits based on calories they burn, then spend them with us.



The Image


This will likely remain a favorite photograph for some time.



IMG_4347Shaun and Laurel of @gopherwood (<– metalink #fuggit,) make amazing and beautiful products out of wood that Shaun finds from all over the place.

We met gopherwood while they were doing a pop up shop at Municipal Winemakers around christmas time.

@municipalwinemakers (<– metalink #fuggit, #theoriginalMW.)

Shaun made a bowl for holding candles out of a piece of an olive tree burned in the tea fire. He seemed the perfect person to create our taphandles.

Our first tap-handles were all made from a single piece of Walnut.




Shaun made 33 tap-handles. It’s cool that our first 6 accounts have handles crafted from the same piece of wood as ours at the brewery. Shaun is like the old man in the wand shop from Harry Potter – only for beer taps. Greatful.



Batch II with Orange Blossom and Loquat


While walking through the brewery’s courtyard the smell of orangeblossoms was overwhelming. The plan for our first couple of beers was to sour them – and propagate yeast for subsequent batches. Batch 2 was to be a delicate lager that was to be racked into white wine barrels and aged with Brett. We grew fond of the delicate character of the beer in the fermenter and decided to divert 5 barrels from the Brett, white wine barrel plan, and age them on orange blossom from the brewery’s orange trees and loquats foraged from around town. It was done.

Unfortunately, a clever name for this beer did not come to us prior to it selling out. It was called, “Batch 2 with orange blossom and loquat.” We hope you like it.IMG_4639



Mark Thomas

IMG_4037We arranged the artwork of a local artist named Mark Thomas (@markalanthomas <– flickr button, #look for flickr markalanthomas). His Flickr account shows displays thousands of his photographs. We spent three days suspended on synchronized ladders suspending them with shower hooks and cord. He would prefer a gallery format for his show. So it goes. We should do the show soon.


Time Number 27 that we thought, “This will be opening weekend.”


It seemed very likely that we would finally have approval to open the brewery the second weekend in April.

A bunch of our friends drove up to help us open.

We didn’t get approval. As we had no work to do, we all hopped on our phones and checked out questionable content on @youtube. Eventually we grew tired of our phones and carried on until it was time for mac&cheese from the place outside of @velvetjones (<– metalink #fuggit)






We were thinking about a refreshing beer for the spring. Tyler has been playing with kettle souring a lot at Congregation.

IMG_4202 IMG_4192We learned that winter raspberries are especially delicious.

Not wanting too much pressure on the crush, we used pre-schoolers to do the foot stomp. They were apprehensive at first but got into it quick enough.

Dave, @potek (<–hyperlink #fuggit) was kind enough to house the cold soak for us.

L’Eveaire is the french word for the winter – spelled phonetically. (It’s also the middle name of one our footstompers.)

Sometimes oxygen is not desirable.





We Opened.



So we opened.


Some awesome people joined the team including Mandy. She knew about us before we did.

She creates amazing food and loves beer. She made chocolate cake with candied orange peel, edible flowers, raspberry sauce and a streudel of toasted oat / cereals, roasted and delicious to pair with the walkabout.

She creates our beer food experiences, and will be operating the brasserie in the very near future.



We grew our team a bit more.


We ran out of beer.


We missed too much family time.









We did our first and second festivals. Below – Dave, our once and always neighbor. @potek (<– hyperbutton #fuggit.) Dave and Kris entered a solstice spirit competition. Dave won.


Tyler @brewery[rex ( <– metalink #notgonnawork)   lurked ominously in the background of a selfie as free men do. Brian White lurked double ominous.



The Fourth of July happened. We closed early and walked together to the beach for fireworks.


Time for bed.