Tale nO 0273
A snug fit

Kris Parker | 15 October, 2015

A new bit of learning: well fit stainless pipe crammed tightly into racks is damn sexy.



The brewery is 80% of the way plummed now. We expect we’ll be at 95% by the end of the week. Todd Scanlon and Tim Kirk are sanitary artists.

There are so many things to build and order when creating a brewery: sanitary squeegees with color coordinated handles, (one of which must be pink,) custom drip pans, Co2 filter housings, trademark attorneys, safety envelopes, ball valves, needle valves, check valves, butterfly valves, gaskets of various sizes (only black,) PRV’s, RTD’s, CLT’s, HLT’s, wireless internet…


The best part of all of this is that every action is a test of our mission. We gleefully trade stylish light fixtures for the ability to bypass water filtration. When I hear our team using the benchmark “that touches the beer,” as a justification it feels like we’re getting somewhere.


On Monday, Patrick, John and I broadcast to 9 people via the internets; barrel sampling for the next iteration of Bierbara. We found an amazing one, brewed on the Bruery’s pilot system in April of 2014 strengthened with house made candi sugar – December 4th.


We were recently discussing with Varnish the newest addition to our team and how when the range of time is set to eternity the term “interim” becomes meaningless. It’s been said that the best way to lose friends is to go into business with them. That is total bullshit. What does that have to do with amazing beer?