Tale nO 0272
Fixin to Fix Her

Kris Parker | 18 September, 2015

This is Todd:


Todd knows a lot about welding. He taught us about the three types of welding. The sanitary type – Tig welding… and the other two types, which are prone to splash metal about on occasion causing severe pain in parts your bathing suit covers. Thanks for the warning Todd.

Todd enjoys climbing under the skirt of the kettle. With her new feet she resembles the apollo moon lander.


A dream of ours is to one day pass along the royal and ancient brewhouse as it has been passed on to us. Another – new dream, is to affix a parachute to the end of her, fly her low just past Stearns Wharf, and watch her land gracefully into the ocean.


Maybe we’ll do both.

Even without a parachute we were able to get the Kettle nested into her familiar home next to the Whirlpool and Heat Exchanger. We welded a bit of extra support into the corner of the platform between the whirlpool and kettle. (Note Tim hiding there in the back of the platform picture.)



From time to time Tyler has extreme moments of joy as pieces of the royal and ancient brewhouse that have caused him especially large amounts grief over the past years are removed and improved.


We’ve had a great time introducing Tyler, Todd and Tim to the SB subs. The alliterative opportunities have been amazing. Tyler, Todd and Tim talked to the trades today.  Tyler, Todd and Tim built Third Window.

The big news is the brewhouse is set! We’ll hit her hard next week and lay some pipe for sure.