Tale nO 0271
A Third Life

Kris Parker | 12 September, 2015

She’s here!


It’s an honor to get a role in her third chapter. She is the only brew house for us. She is opportunity. Without her there is no Third Window. We are the amalgamation of every story we’ve been a part of. Every step a fragment of our definition.

You should read Patrick’s letter to her: http://www.thebruery.com/patricks-letter-to-old-brewhouse


What does this mean? It means we’re terrified. Amazing wort, (among other things,) have coursed through her. Original beers of Mendocino… rain, grass, and countless Bruery worts.

She isn’t a brewhouse with any automation. She isn’t going to make it easy to make a beer that always tastes the same, (perfect.) We’ll be shoveling each caryopsis from within her.

She creates amazing flavors: 6 GABF medals, 6 World beer cup medals  – but you’re going to wrestle with her. That’s the deal.

The wrestling has begun.


We moved the equipment off of Haley street and into the brewery. Andy saved us from creating traffic accidents on more than one occasion.


Todd peered beneath the kettle.


Two of the supports had broken free from the base. The bracing survived 37 years, the time out to pasture, 1000’s of brews, and one trip up the bumpy roads between Placentia and Santa Barbara.


It was thrilling to watch Tom weld the legs back on and brace them with additional mild steel plating. This moment was the introduction to her Third Chapter. The first opportunity for us to pay it forward and also to make her our own. Our first steps together.



This ancient brewhouse produces amazing flavors. She has the accolades. What’s terrifying is she leaves us no excuses. She demands a million unwavering steps toward quality.