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We built Third Window

Kris Parker | 24 August, 2015

When we started brewing beer in 2006 we developed perspective, our own beer ideas. We cultivated the dream of creating beer as a vocation. It’s amazing how different the dream is from the actual thing.

When you’re brewing in an abandoned little port barn the dream is about you. The brewery moves to a place with a taproom, the tanks are a a bit bigger, and voila! – brewery.

So many people have built Third Window. The actual thing is so much better than the dream.



A lot of people brewed in the old port barn. Michellene Parker, Eli Parker, Keith Saarloos, Jeff Sieck, they build Third Window.

Adam Nazar, boolean wizard and friend of Ben, – (noting Patrick and Kris loved beer and were fellow Santa Clara grads,) made an introduction and in so doing helped to create Confession, Wineification, Bierbara, and enduring friendship. Adam and Ben built Third window.


Patrick passed the royal and ancient brewhouse on to Third Window; along with gobs of information on its quirks and idiosyncracies. He gave us confidence when he admired the ideas born in the barn and agreed to be our partner. Patrick built Third Window.


The Parker family fostered a curiousity about beverages and about what quality means. Eli found our location and may have stowed away out of sight waiting for the “for lease” sign to go up. They provided ample opportunity to farm, clean barrels, clean tanks, clean cellar floors, clean tasting rooms. The Parker family built Third Window.

John Neale forced Third Window into existence. John built Third Window.

Darrell and Kirsten becker created a property built around collaboration. A place where crafters of things could collaborate and share. They also provided design sensibility when we would only ask the question, “What does that have to do with amazing beer?” (Sorry.) Andy ensured the construction was without flaw. The Beckers built Third Window.


Alan Pinoli will build our refrigeration, Tyler King the brewery. Epic constuction the brewery surface,  Erin Weir and Varnish our voice and aesthetic. They built Third Window.




Thanks Everyone! The brewhouse arrives next week. We can’t wait to get on with the process of striving endlessly toward the greatest beer.