Saison with Chaparral

Chapter: farm


The idea to brew this beer came about in a rather special way.

It was growing in the Santa Barbara mountains, when Kristopher delicately plucked some leaves. Cupping a small handful of the chaparral, Kris pushed back his cloth bonnet and brought his hands to his face. “Man, that smells wonderful,” he said aloud, smiling up at the sky.

Just then, a lone stag pranced into the clearing where Kris was harvesting. With the voice of James Earl Jones, the stag proclaimed, “Kris, you must put the chaparral into a beer.” Kris started to answer, but suddenly realized that no words were needed. As they held each other’s gaze, he felt at peace. A saison was born.

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draught, growler, keg

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Water  //  Malt (pilsner, unmalted wheat)  //  Hops (sterling, tettnanger, simcoe)  //  Yeast  //  Adjuncts (chaparral sage)